All of our dogs are sold with AKC limited registration unless otherwise stated.

They also come with a two year health guarantee.

If pup is being shipped by airlines that will run an additional $390  (which will cover vet certificate, crate and shipping fee)

A $300 deposit -which will be applied towards your fee- will reserve your pup today!
$300 deposit is non-refundable however it is transferable to another litter.
Though some of the breedings are several months out… they are usually filled by the time the pups are born.

* There is also the chance a planned breeding may not happen due to the female skipping a heat or just not taking. This is rare but in the case that it does happen the buyer can wait for that  next coming heat or choose to move to another breeding we have listed.

Nuvet Vitamin order information:

800-474-7044 ID Code: 49756




 Robert Ayers

5824 N.W Dearborn Ave.

Lawton, OK – 73505

  1. Seller guarantees puppy or dog to be healthy at the time of sale. Pup or dog has received a vet check and health certificate if being shipped.

  2. Seller guarantees that the puppy or dog has been on a set deworming program and is up to date on the appropriate vaccinations.

  3. Seller guarantees the puppy or dog to be free from Hip & Elbow Dysplasia in both elbows. If in any case an issue should arise than we would provide the buyer a new pup of  equal value.  Buyer would have to provide OFA documentation showing moderate or severe H.D and/or grade 2 elbows or above. However, if just one elbow is effected even a slight injury can cause elbows to fuse wrong. Genetic elbows are when both elbows are affected / one elbow is not covered.

  4. NuVet-Plus4a. For the two year health guarantee to be in effect. Buyer must take  the pup to vet within 72hrs of arrival Buyer must also save receipts for at least the first 12 months to show that the dog was fed a high  quality dog food along with 24 months of Nuvet Vitamins .  We feed are dogs Taste Of The Wild, Diamond Dog Food  and Raw Chicken.

    4b. All nu-vet vitamins must be purchased through the link above with our nu-vet I.D # so we can verify that you are purchasing the nu-vet vitamins. Must be purchased through our link to be valid.AKC papers will not be provided until this contract has been signed and sent back to us.

  1. The seller is not responsible for any vet bills at any time after the puppy leaves us.

  2. All shipping, delivery and related expenses are the buyer’s responsibility.

  3. All buyers will register the dog using AYERS LEGENDS somewhere in the name. Example: Ayers Legends Sam or Ayers Legends Heavens Halo.

  4. All puppies will go on a spay/ neuter contract. Buyer will wait till 18 months of age and at that time have the pup spayed or neutered and will then mail a copy of the vet records.

  5.  If sold with  FULL AKC  – Purchaser will be unable to sell any pups with full akc. ALL must be sold on a limited registration. Breeder does checks every 6 months with AKC to verify that all said offspring from said dog are sold on limited registration. If AKC confirms that any offspring have been sold on an open registration then the following apply; A $10,000.00 fine per pup and dog to be returned to Ayers Legends. Puppies must also be sold limited at a price of no less than $1,000.00.

  6. Any dogs bred before being OFA’d will be void from the health guarantee. It will no longer stand.

  7. The buyer/breeder will be limited to registering 2 pups full akc out of the purchased gsd from Ayers Legends. That will be 2 pups in total for the life of the purchased breeding dog. That is NOT per litter. The pups have  to be registered directly under the the purchasers name/ owners name only/solely  that purchased the breeding dog from Ayers Legends. This means no co-owns on the 2 registered pups. Co-own will stand as a sale to another breeder and we will enforce legal action.

Signed: ___________________________________________(buyer)


Signed: ___________________________________________(seller)


Ayers Legends German Shepherds

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