Upcoming Extra Large German Shepherd Puppies

 2020 Fall Litters !

 Deposits are $300. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter.





Legacy & Kino

Sept 15th – 3 Males & 3 Females





Males 2,500 / Females 1,600

Male 1. M. Arnold

Female 1. M. Kolb

Male 2. S. Shiglawi

Female 2. S. Castro

Male 3. R. Krenzien

Female 3. D. Gerlesky






Foxy Roxy & Torque

09/20/20 – 5 Males & 3 Females


Roxy is A Beautiful Plush And Very Soft Coat with Cream and Silver Coloring!


Another Female with Nice Bone and A Very Straight Back!




She is Out of our Male Keystone and an Outcross Female that weighed in at 138 lbs, Vet Weighed!




Paired With Torque These pups should be very Heavy Boned, Straight Back and Large!


Expecting Flashy Platinum/ Silver Sables and Black & Silvers


Males 2,500 / Females 1,700

Male 1. J.C Fernandez

Female 1. A. Ewell

Male 2. T. Hayes

Female 2. L. Daye

Male 3. W. Occomy

Female 3. T. Nichols

Male 4. J. Champlin


Jojo & Kino

Estimated Breeding October



Jojo Is A Large Black & Tan Female Out of Our Very Own Keystone and Her Mom Is a Large Outcross Female, Vet Weighed – 138 LBS.


Im Expecting Great Family Companions With Size and Beauty!


JoJo Pictured Above


Expecting Sables, Black and Tans, Possibly Red and Silver.


Male 2,500 / Female 1,700

Male 1. J. Eria

Female 1. C. Ostrom

Male 2. S. Libby

Female 2. N. Ludwig

Male 3. H. Meyer

Female 3. R. Cox

Male 4. M. Steinford

Female 4. M. Wasson




Kona & Kino

Pups Due November 25th


Kona is a Large, Heavy Boned, Black and Red Female with a Very Sweet Temperament!

Her 1st Litter Produced Heavy Boned Pups with Lovely Temperaments And A Happy, Willing To Please Attitude!


Expecting Pups With A Very Deep Red with a Rich Mahogany, Sables & Dark Tans.

Short Coat and Plush Coats


Males 2,500/ Females 1,600

Male 1. M. Bosta

Female 1. D. Music

Male 2. A. Carter

Female 2. D. Stolfi

Male 3. C. Cassady

Female 3. A. Graham

Male 4. B. Quintero

Female 4. L. Tung


Big Momma & Atlas – A Nice Line Breeding On Keystone


Sept. 12th – 5 Males & 2 Females.

Males – 3 white, 2 Black & Silver… Females- Black & Silver



Atlas Is A Huge Black In Silver Male With A Very Big Head!


Atlas Pictured At 10 Months Old


Bred to Big Momma We will Get Some Big Beefy Pups!

Expecting Black & Silvers, Solid White, Black and Cream/Tan



We Are Expecting Black & Silver, Black & Cream, Silver Sables and Solid Whites.




Males- 2,500 / Females- 1,600

Male 1.  R. Eyer

Female 1. L. Horenblas (white)

Male 2. S. McHenry (white)

Female 2. K. Moore (white)

Male 3. D. Blake

Female 3. J. Morgan

Male 4. T. Kotecki

Female 4. E. Taylor



Savannah & Atlas

Pups Due Oct. 7th !


These will be Very Big Flashy Silver Sables and Black & Silvers/Platinum


Males 2,500 / Females 1,700

Male 1. C. Cobb

Female 1. C. Ginn

Male 2. G. Sutler

Female 2. C. Fortinberry

Male 3. H. Austin

Female 3. H. Page

Male 4. D. Fowler

Female 4. M. Ball


Baby & Kino


Estimated Breeding September/Oct


Large Boys and Girls with Long Bodies!


Genetically this girl just puts out Big Pups!

20 to 26 lbs at 8 weeks old.


She also Has The Tightest Penn Hip Scores I’ve Ever Seen

Expecting Sables, Black & Silver, Black & Red, Black & Tan

Baby Does Carry For Reds, Paired With Kino We Should See That!

I’ve Seen Several Of Kino’s Litters With Silver and Red In The Same Litter!



Males 2,500 / Females 1,700

Male 1. J. Turpin & M. Esp

Female 1. M. Valentine

Male 2. G. Woody


Female 2. M. Valentine

Male 3. J. Covello

Female 3. M. Born

Male 4. E. Thomas

Female 4. H. Singh


Reece & Kino


Due Oct. 11th


Kino and Reece Pups Have Definitely Produced Some Nice Pups That Our Customers and Their Families Have Just Loved!

Healthy pups with Large Size, Great Temperaments and an array of colors.

A Nice Athletic, Muscular Type Build with Long Bodies!

We had Dark Sables like Kino, Solid Jet Black and beautiful Black and Tans with Red highlights.
Solid Blacks, Sables, Dark Black & Tans

Males $2,500 / Females 1,700

Male 1. A. Rosell

Female 1. J. Haynes

Male 2. R. Wilson

Female 2. G. Reynolds

Male 3. Q. Jiang

Female 3. A. Jokela

Male 4. Available

Female 4. S. Stewart



























Reservations Below


J. Griffith – Female – 1st Pick

B.Edge.F- Male

C. Shannon- Female- Was on Mystic

Was On Babe- Male- J. Butcher, M. Smith, A. Carberry(dark sable), K. Jones,… Females –  J. Bauckman, J. Kough, S. Logan(Silver Dark muzzle)

Was on Gemma – Males-  C.M Ponds

A. Salters- Male- 1st Pick Bi-Color- Mystic

D. Halliburton- Male- Mystic – 1st

S. Strong – Male – Black and Red, Big – Was On Dave

A. Kent – Male – Black , Was on Rose

K. Moretz- Female- Tall Solid Black

R. Hollinger- Male – 1st Pick – Open on Parents

M. Wonnacot- Male- Blue 1st Pick was on Gemma

M.  Dorsey- Blue – Male

R. Treece – Male – Silver Sable

S. Decap – Male- 1st Pick Fancy or Kona to Kino

K. Pham- Male – Black & Red

K. Kurtz – Male- Early 2021

T. Casey – Male – Kino

M. Hall – Male – Was on Lagertha is going to wait

L. Denney- Male – Big Dave & Fancy

S. Hofer – Female- 1st Pick – Black & Silver or Silver Sable

W. Cannon- Male – Large / 1st pick

Y. Fontanez – Male – Silver Sable- 1st Pick

S. Farabee- Male – Kino – Sable- Plush

K. Kurtz – Male – Early 2021

R. Aistrop – Male-  Kino -Dark Face, Working/ Protection

T. Stocia – Male-

R. Williams- Male- Large Silver Sable- Early 2021

C. Rio Salas- Male- Large Boxy Kino Sable

V. Dunger – Male – Blue 1st pick

O. Ortiz- Female – 1st Pick- Black & Red or Black and Silver

D. Harris- Male & Female- Legend- 1st Pick – Lagertha

H. Mahoney- Blue – She will let me know when

D. Ryan – Male- Blue – 2021

K. Thompson- Male- 1st Pick Mystic & Legend

S. Heath-Brost – Male- Mystic  1st pick

C.Mitchell – Male- Wants to look just like Atlas

S. Harmony – Male- Protective and Big / Kino Jojo

B. Ouellette-

J. Whelan – Male – Blue, Black or Dark Sable

P. Redmond – Male- XL Plush Black And Red

K. Springer – Male – 1st Pick Kino

L. Deming- Fancy- Female

J. Vigil – Female- Large Bi Color Like Sam or Rye

M. Reinoehl – Male – Large Solid Black

M. Mesa – Male- Was on Roxy, Wait until 2021

S. Simmons – Male – 2021

S. Macconchi – Blue – Male

S. Austin- Male- Open to Color, Wants Big & Laid Back.  No Black. Kona and Kino preferred but doesn’t have to be.

S. Austin – Male – Darker – Black And Red, Short Coat – Active

L. Harrington- Female – Big , Family GSD

A. Edwards- Male – Black Or Sable – Kino

M. Capps – Female- Plush Black & Red Kona

C. Gaugler- Male – Blue

A. Kotla – Male- White

E. Bauer- Blue and Tan or Blue – Male

S. Kodukula- Male – Large Black and Red or Tan

J. Santiago- Female- Blue

S. Hunt- Male- Kino – Large Dark

D. Gill – Male- Black & Silver – Service dog for Grandson

P. Thakore – Male – Big Black & Tan

K. Reich- Female- Hiking/Outdoors – Sable, Black and Silver,tan,red

S. Swinson- Male- Black

A. Dever – Male- Dark Sable Kino – 1st or 2nd Pick

P. Enns – Male or Female – 1st Pick

S. Shacker- Male- Black & Tan – Laid Back

A. Gottumukkala- Male- Large from Kino

N. Lucht- Male- 1st Pick -Open to Color- Around A lot of People

P. Thakore- Male- Black and Tan

S. Melker- Male or Female- Big Momma

V. Rossis- Female-

J. Doe- Female-

D. Stout- Male – Solid Black or Dark Sable from Kino

R. Orom- 1st Pick Kino or Kane

T. Thompson- Female – Silver or Black & Silver

S. Jurs- Male- Solid Black

G. Anderson – Male

J. Sutherland – Male

S. Reid- Male- Large Black & Tan or Silver

D. Derrico – Male- Large Black and Tan/ Silver or Red. Wants Traditional type saddle.