Upcoming Extra Large

German Shepherd Puppies

 2023 Spring & Summer

Below !


 Deposits are $300. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter.

Price of pups listed on each litter

🔥🔥🔥 We Currently Have 1 Stunning Black & Silver Male Available to Reserve on Current Litters Page.

Pedigree goes Back to Rin Tin Tin II & IV – The 2 Dogs on the Classic Television Show Rin Tin Tin




Please Text at 580.704.5191 to inquire or if wanting to place a Deposit 



Sister & Castle

Feb. 6th- No pups yesterday, probably tonight or early tomorrow- I will update website tomorrow.




 Once Castle’s first litters hit the Ground and Everyone sees what I expect to be some Head Turning Black & Silvers, Silver Bi Colors and Flashy Silver Sables.

I expect a lot of Request for Him!



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. J. Muannuathong

Female 1. L. Andre

Male 2. D. Vasquez

Female 2. S. Carlee

Male 3. C. Sanders

Female 3. M.Forcier

Male 4. A. Reus

Female 4. Available



Legacy & Harley


Estimated Breeding Jan./February 


Legacy is Out of Our Very Own Legend (140 lbs) & Skyy. Legacy has that Nice Straight Back with Wide Rear Quarters.

Paired with Harley, Who is out of Kola (141 lbs) and Jimbo, we expect some Good Size with that Classic Structure!


Expecting Blue & Silvers, Blue Sables, Blue & Tan/Red, Black & Tan, Black & Reds.

Plush Coat & Short Coat


Males Blue 2,800/ Females Blue 2,300

Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. K. Pham

Female 1. D.Havenar

Male 2. D. Ryan

Female 2. N. Dupler

Male 3. B. Knoll

Female 3. Available

Male 4. R.Keilyk

Female 4. Available


Celebrity & Castle

Due March 24th



Castle is a Stunning Silver Sable Male out of outcross lines, No relation to any of our dogs.

He doesn’t carry for white so there will be no whites in his litters

Castle has that Nice Classic Structure that we love to see!

Expecting Beautiful & Head Turning Silvers out of this Litter with Stucture, Size and Awesome Personalities



Expecting Flashy Silver Sables, Dark Silver Sables and Traditional Black & Silvers


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. C. Pifer

Female 1. B.Pearson

Male 2. E. Hambrock

Female 2. A.Chenevert

Male 3. H. Castellon

Female 3. T. Brass

Male 4. B. Holland

Female 4. Available


Pony Girl & Woody

Pups Due March 17th

We Will Be Doing an A.I with Frozen Semen from Woody to PonyGirl.


Woody is a Stunning Dark Silver Sable and is Full Brothers to Our Boy Legend, Just Different Litters.


In Woody’s Prime he was 145lbs and 32″ to the Withers, Truly a Marvel to See In Person!



Woody Pictured Above

Expecting Big Beefy Pups with Great Personalities.

Bi Colors, Flashy Silver Sables, Black & Silvers

Because we are Doing an A.I the Prices will be a little more on this Litter.


Males 3,000/ Females 2,500

Male 1. Ayers

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. A. Carter

Female 2. J. Vigil

Male 3. Y. Kelyman

Female 3. R. Lopez

Male 4. S. Stergios

Female 4. M. Kimbrough



Truly & Big Dave

Estimated Breeding Feb./March


Big Dave Has Been Retired for a Couple Years so we will Be Doing an Artificial Insemination with Frozen Semen we have stored.

Hoping to get Some Deep Rich Reds in this Litter 🔥🔥🔥


Expecting Dark Reds and Dark Tans, All Traditional Saddleback Look.


Pricing is $500 more because we’re doing A.I

Males 3,000/ Females 2,500

Male 1. B. Vanwagner

Female 1. C. Fatina

Male 2. R. Medina

Female 2. J.Patnoude

Male 3. J. Margin

Female 3. Available

Male 4. C. Doran

Female 4. Available



Kona & Harley

Estimated to Breed April


For Big Black & Reds and Tans


Males 2,500/ Females 2,300


Male 1. J.Madigan

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. D. Ramos

Female 2. D.Nichols

Male 3. L.Simonds

Female 3. Available

Male 4. C.Harrison

Female 4. Available


*** Just Listed ***

Foxy Roxy & Castle

Estimated Breeding March/April


As I’ve Always Said With Foxy Roxy, She is So Gentle & Loving and Produces Pups That Are Great For Big Furry Family Companions.

Bred To Castle we are Expecting, Black & Silver, Silver Sables & some Cream Tones possible.


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. Ayers

Female 1. E. Reed

Male 2. A. Derusha

Female 2. Available

Male 3. Available

Female 3. Available

Male 4. Available

Female 4. Available



Lucia & Harley

Estimated Breeding April/May



Lucia’s Sire is 100% DDR – UKC International Grand Champion 🏆🏆🏆



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. R.Bradley

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. S.Mustafa

Female 2. Ayers

Male 3. B.Breland

Female 3. I. Wilson

Male 4. A. Cornell

Female 4. Available



Reservation List Below




































Reservations Below


A. Derusha – Male – was on Tabby, Wants dark sable like Kino

Debbie B.E.F- Female

T. Miller- Female- 1st Pick Pony Girl

R. Cannon – Male – 1st Pick Sable

L. Smith – Male – Blue or Blue&Cream

N. Lucht- Male-

S. McHenry- Male- Blue

J. Powell- Male – Large, Black and Red, open to other colors 1st Pick

P. Cavaliere- Male- XL , Tall , Kino as Sire

C. Cassady – Male – Lucia , 1st or 2nd Pick

K. Jones – Male- Large Sable

D. Clifton- 2 Males- Pony Girl

B. Buck – Male – 1st or 2nd Pick, Large Kino or Kane

K. Green – Male – 1st Pick -Resembles Kane or Legend, preferably Kane

A. Morrison – Male or Female – Solid Black

D. Harris- 1st pick male & female

D. Dodge – Male – 1st Pick Pony Girl – Bi color

J. Sanchez – Male – Pony Girl

D. Ellis – Male – Like Zoltan

D. Minador- Male – Large Silver sable

N. Gonzalez- Male – XL, open to Color – preferably dark sable no solid black or white

L. Gilmore- Male 1st or 2nd – would take a female. Silver Sable or white

J. Klatt- Male – 1st or 2nd dark  Silver Sable mask like Legend

C. Montgomery- Male- Silver Sable

B. DeChiara – Male – Silver Sable

M. Lawrence- Female – 1st Pick Dark Sable like Kino

J. Carlson- Male- Solid Black

M. Keepers – Male – Big dark sable like Kino 1st pick

N. Gordon – Female – 1st Pick Legacy & Harley

K. Speciale – Male –

C. Fatina – Male – 1st Pick – Likes Butterfly and Black & Red

N. Johnson – Male – Red Sable

S. Jordan- Male – 1st Pick Large Silver Sable

D. Jackson- Male- Large Black & Silver- thick black, almost Bi – Pony Girl

Q. Jiang – Male – Solid Black

J. Nixon – Male – Silver Sable

B. Spinnato – Female – Solid or Blue Sable

M. Jackson – Female – Blue

L. Andre – Male – Solid blue

B. Holland – Male- Silver Sable like Legend or dark sable like Kino

T. Ferguson- Male- 1st Pick, open to Color no white. No earlier than Summer 2023

Maltba- Male – Dark sable

C. Menchaca- Male-

C. Gaugler- Male- Blue

R. Castro- Male – XL one forty Silver sable 1st pick

N. Sakatis- Male- Harley after May

K. Lade- Male – Dark Sable Lucia

J. Pena – Male- Likes Kino, Dark sable, Sister possible mom

Taco- Male – Prefer Solid black open to a couple other colors.

A. Sjoting – Male

C. Hardy – Male- Legacy & Harley not blue

C. Bucar – Male – Plush Black and Silver

D. Truitt- Female- Dark sable like Lucia

L. Sharon- Male- Lucia

J. Lewis – Male & Female- Preferably Same Litter. Female – Solid Black or Bi color. Male- prefer dark sable but open, Wants Big.

S. Seagrove- Male- Black or Dark Sable

S. Austin – Male- will take Female, prefer by June July. Black and red or dark sable

S. Gunnison- Male- Solid Blue, Demo dog for obedience, therapy/hospice work for kids. Short coat