Upcoming Extra Large German Shepherd Puppies


 2018 Spring & Summer Litters Below !

 Deposits are $300. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter.









Gemma & Sam

Due 05/25/18


Gemma and Sam have had 2 previous litters that produced exceptional pup!

Very Athletic type bodies, with Big Heavy Bone and Masculine Heads!




Expecting Dark Sables and Bi-Colors

Males 2,000 / Females 1,400

Male 1. T. Halliburton

Female 1. J. Gomez (will Take Male)

Male 2. A. Zaretsky

Female 2. N. Briggs

Male 3. A. Karlesn

Female 3. C. Decarli

Male 4. J. Masessa

Female 4. T. Lindley


Brandi & Kino

Due 06/02/18


Kino is a Very Long Bodied Boy , Tall , Big Bone and a Huge Head with Glowing Eyes like a Wolf.

Brandi is a Big Boned, Blocky Head Girl… In person you would think she is a male. Not small either at 102 lbs out of our very own Sam and Zena.
This pairing is going to produce some Huge pups with BIG Bone and Thick Heads !!!
Kino produces HUGE pups !
Theses pups will be Solid Black, Sables and possibly Bi-Colors.


Males 2,200 / Females 1,400

Male 1. T. Kimball

Female 1. J. Garland

Male 2. K. Q Pierce

Female 2. A. Schlegell

Male 3. J. Eria

Female 3. T. Weakland

Male 4. M. Ruhling


Babe & Kino

Pups Due 06/25/18


Babe and Kino have had 2 prior litters … Both produced amazing pups with Very Soft , Lovely Temperaments that are Low Key and willing to please!

They also bring a very Confident and Poised  Disposition , with Regal Looks !

They will produce Plush Coat and Short Coat !

Solid Black, Sable , Black and Red & Black and Tans


Males 2,000 / Females 1,400

Male 1. E. Welu (1,400)

Female 1. C. Hasler (Black)

Male 2. R. Weamer

Female 2. J. Brown

Male 3. N. Trevino

Female 3. K. Chesbro (will take male)

Male 4. L. Viane

Male 5. K. Channd

Female 4. R. Hollinger




Tailor & Keystone

Breeding Estimated June


If you’re looking for that True , Classic Old-Fashioned look than this your litter!
Tailor is a great example of the Large Old-Fashioned GSD Females.

She is has a Very Straight Back, Thick Bone and a Large Masculine Head!
Keystone is very much the same as his pedigree can be traced back to Rin Tin II and IV – the orignal T.V Stars !
Keystone is a very impressive male to see in person and has put out some of our biggest males to ever leave here!
As big as Keystone is .. His males always seem to get much bigger – consistently hitting up to 32″ to the Shoulders.
Pups will be Black and Tans, Black and Creams and Solid Whites with Beautiful Amber Eyes !!!



Pictured Below… Tailor and Keystone Male – 6 Months old & 105 lbs.

Males 2,000 / Females 1,400

Male 1. C. Baker

Female 1. Breeder

Male 2. J. Dennis

Female 2. D. Havenar

Male 3. T. Thomas (white)

Female 3. K. Shrank

Male 4. D. Bercaw

Female 4. Available


Dixie & Torque

Pups due 07/06/18 !!!


True Black & Silver and Silver Sables – This will be an Exciting Litter !
Dixie is a Very Stout Black & Silver Female with Thick bone and a Very Straight Back. She has that Old-Fashioned Rin Tin Tin look about her!
Which Rin Tin Tin II & IV – These were the T.V Stars! They are both in her Pedigree!

Torque is a Flashy Silver Sable that has produced some dynamite pups for us.

He is also Very Stout with a Solid Straight Back and Heavy Bone.

This litter will produce that True Old-Fashioned Look with Flashy Silver Sables, Black & Silvers and Solid White.


Silver Sable German Shepherd Puppy

 Males 2,000 / Females 1,400

Male 1. R. Daniel

Female 1. Breeder

Male 2. P. Gray

Female 2. T. Hale (750)

Male 3. M. Hall

Female 3. R. Sexton

Male 4. L. Savage – will take female

Female 4. Available



Fancy & Kino

Estimated May Breeding

Fancy is a Beautiful Rich Red Mahogany Sable with that perfect Family Companion Temperament !!!
Paired with Kino we will get nothing less than some Huge pups with striking Red accents!
Expecting Black & Reds, Black & Tans and Sables (like Kino)

Males 2,200 / Females 1,400

Male 1. N. Tibbets

Female 1. S. Kannady

Male 2. D. Mathies

Female 2. R. Bearss

Male 3. M. Marquis

Female 3. M. Foland

Male 4. L. Hornecker

Female 4. D. Harris


Jolly & Big Dave

Estimated Breeding May

Jolly is a Large Female with a Masculine Head, Deep Chest and Good Bone!

She is a Beautiful Black and Red with a very fun personality – Jolly is a great way to describe her personality too!


Expecting Black and Reds

Males 2,200 / Females 1,400

Male 1. K. Schrank

Female 1. M. Conboy

Male 2. J. Martin

Female 2. T. Lee

Male 3. D. Fallon

Female 3. C. Loughran

Male 4. L. Weideman

Female 4. J. Tull



Zella & Sam

July Breeding

Only Taking Reservations on Female Spots at this time.

Males 2,200 / Females 1,500


Male 1. Breeder

Female 1. Breeder

Male 2. Julia

Female 2. Breeder

Male 3. P. Lone

Female 3. R. Treece

Male 4. D. Ryan

Female 4. D. Lamoure

Female 5. J. Fielden




 Zena & Legend

Estimated Breeding July


This Pairing will also produce True Silver Sables and Flashy Platinum to Silver Bi-Color pups !
Another Litter you can expect Stunning Looks and XX-Large Size !
Zena is A very Tall Female and matched to Legend who is a Beast at his young age – You can expect Head Turning pups with great personalities!



Males 2,200 / Females 1,500

Male 1. K. Chamberlin

Female 1. Breeder

Male 2. A. Coleman

Female 2. A. Farrell

Male 3. A. Leighton

Female 3. L. McAfee

Male 4. M. Ramsey

Female 4. K. Tillman





Nahla & Kino

Breeding Estimated August


Males 2,200 / Females 1,400

Male 1. S. Decap

Female 1. C. Harkley

Male 2. D. Campbell

Female 2. R. Easley

Male 3. C. Harkley

Female 3. M. Aerni

Male 4. V. Malaj

Female 4. R. Conner





















Reservations Below


Halo & Dave – Males – C.Foster, N.Briggs, K. Chand, Female -K.Guerra

Reece & Kino Males – D. Grimes, K.Jones, J.Anderson

Dave Males – Sunny, W. Travisano (600) , G. Kammer

Mystic Female – S. Gordon, R. Jackson

H. Ferrell – Male

C. Emmerson – Male – Zena X Kino

S. Manus – Zena x Kino Male

C. Mitchell – 1st pick Tailor Male

G. Anderson – Dave Male wants late 2018 or 2019

L. Renk – Kino Male

M. Arnold – Kino Male 1st or 2nd , Nahla or Jolly

T. Bowman – 1st Pick Female Zena x Kino 2018

K. Pham – Legend Male Silver Sable 1st pick 2019

R. Szramowski – 2 Males – Black and Silver / Silver Sables – Zella

K. Tran – Dave Male – 1st pick

B. Randall – Male – Dave & Fancy

A. Hyde – Bi Color Male

E. Cummins – Black or Bi-Color Male

B. Arbuckle – Zella & Torque male

E. Corado – Black and Red male

T. Wicker- Male – Dave – Black and Red

S. Earll – Brandi or Zena male S.A.R

T. Vetter – Male Black and Tan

R. Higgins – Male – Silver Sable from Legend or Zella

E. Archer – Kino Male

S. Wong – Big Dave Male – Black and Red

L. Horenblas – Kino 1st pick Male

S. Macconchie- Large Dark Male

H. Rowe- Dark Male – Sable, Black, Bi-color

M. Ramsey – Dave & Fancy Female

P. George – Kino & Brandi Male

T. Messner- Dave & Fancy Female

D. Williston – Legend & Mystic Male

L. Brockmeyer – Dark Male Sable or Bi

C. Behnken – Male – Legend

D. Fowler – Male Silver Sable – Legend Mystic

C. Dugan – Male – Silver Sable or Bi

L. Ott – Male- Silver Sable

L. Mulholland – Male – Solid Black

C. Gaugler – Male – Look as close to Kino

C. Ginn- Female – Black Mask – Black and Silver saddle

T. Bochna – 2019 Female – Bi-Color Silver or Silver Sable