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German Shepherd Puppies

Just Listed

 2021 Fall & Winter Litters!


 Deposits are $300. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter.

Price of pups listed on each litter below.



Please Text me if wanting to place a deposit. Robert 580-704-5191





Big Momma & Kino

Pups Due Dec. 8th



This Pairing Should Produce Some Very Large Pups That Will Be Great For Relaxing Around The House With or Weekend Adventures.


Perfect For Any Family Looking For A Big Gentle Giant that’s ready to Play With And Love On.


And Big Momma’s Lines Go Back To Rin Tin Tin II and The IV, Both the Classic T.V Stars.


Expecting Black & Silvers / Silver Sables, Black & Cream / Cream Sables with Possible Tan Highlights


Males- 2,500/ Females- 2,000


Male 1. D. Rangel

Female 1. F. Baile

Male 2. W. Gillespie

Female 2. M. Churchill

Male 3. K. Carijen

Female 3. E. Blunt

Male 4. D. Chislow

Female 4. A. Ritter


Sister & Torque

Now In Heat

Torque is a Stunning Silver Sable

We have got some very Flashy Silver Sables from Him in The Past.

Paired With Sister who is A litter mate to Kane ( His Sister)

Out of our Very Own Kino,

Im Expecting Large Black & Silvers and Flashy Silver Sables!


Titan – One Of Torque’s Past Pup’s


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. S. Libby

Female 1. S. Howlingwater

Male 2. J. Jacoby

Female 2. D. Schweon

Male 3. M. Hilliard

Female 3. Available

Male 4. A. Selby

Female 4. Available 



Foxy Roxy & Kino

Now In Heat



This Is A Pairing That The Pedigree (On Foxy’s Side) Goes Directly Back to Rin Tin Tin II and Rin Tin Tin IV, Both The Classic T.V Stars of Rin Tin Tin the Series.


Both Kino & Roxy Are By Nature are 2 of The Most Nurturing Dogs You Will Find.


This Pairing Will Produce Pups With Good Bone, Straight Backs, Long Bodies and Phenomenal Temperaments suitable for any Home.

Expecting Black and Silver/ Cream, Tans, Bi Colors and Sables.
Short Coat and Plush Coat



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. W. Cannon (2,500)

Female 1. J. Granata

Male 2. S. Macconachie

Female 2. S. Harmony

Male 3. D. Fusaro

Female 3. J. Madigan

Male 4. D. Gibson

Female 4. L. Barilleau



Reece & Kino

Estimated Breeding April




Dark Sables, Solid Black and Black & Tans


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. S. Heath-Brost

Female 1. K. Moretz

Male 2. M. Reinoehl

Female 2. T. Faipler

Male 3. S. Hunt

Female 3. M. Maloney

Male 4. M. Moore


Lagertha & Harley

Pups Due Dec. 22nd


This will be a Repeat Breeding, Our Biggest Pup We Have Ever Put Out At 8 Weeks Old was Out of Lagertha & Kane.

The Biggest Male Pup was 33 lbs at 8 Weeks Old and Biggest Female was 28 lbs At 8 Weeks Old.

Very Large, Straight Back & Heavy Boned Pups

Black & Tans, Black and Reds

There will Be NO Whites.

Short Coat and Plush


Males 2,500/ Females 2,0000


Male 1. D. Harris

Female 1. D. Harris

Male 2. P. Peters

Female 2. N. Gordon -plush

Male 3. J. Zeiler

Female 3. K. Seilhamer

Male 4. A. Oliver

Female 4. Available


Odessa & Atlas

Now In Heat


Odessa Is One of Our Biggest Females and Bred to Atlas who is A Huge Male, We will Get Size & Beauty in this Litter!


Black & Silver and Solid Whites


Males 2,500 / Females 2,000


Male 1. D. Gill

Female 1. S. Libby

Male 2. B. Ragnow

Female 2. J. Crow

Male 3. C. Simmons (white)

Female 3. C. Stanley

Male 4. K. Swimmer (white)

Female 4. Available


Kona & Kino

Now In Heat


Expecting Black & Reds, Black & Tan, Dark Sables


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. P. Redmond (plush)

Female 1. L. Tung

Male 2. A. Dever

Female 2. M. Capps

Male 3. S. Austin

Female 3. B. Pastor (black)

Male 4. J. Yenor

Female 4. C. Menchaca



Skyy & Jimbo

Pups Due Dec. 20th


Male 1. S. Fondren

Female 1. S. Sturm

Male 2. M. Wonnacot

Female 2. K. Vegan

Male 3. L. Kole

Female 3. E. Blount

Male 4. A. Mcintyre

Female 4. H. Graham



Legacy & Jimbo


Legacy is Out of Our Very Own Legend & Skyy. Legacy has that Nice Straight Back with Wide Rear Quarters.

Bred to Jimbo who has the same Old Style Conformation, We should get some Large pups with a Willing to Please attitude, Great for any home.



Expecting Some Beautiful Colors

Solid Blue, Blue & Tan, Blue & Cream, Sables, Black & Tan



Solid Blue Males 3,000 / Females 2,500

Blue & Tan Males 2,800/ Females 2,300

Males 2,500 / Females 2,000

Male 1. S. Fondren

Female 1. S. Huddock

Male 2. S. Macconchi

Female 2. K. Levegan

Male 3. N. Gonzales

Female 3. R. Westfall

Male 4. D. Ramos

Male 5. S. Craig

Female 4. Available



Harvest & Harley



Harvest is another one of our girls Producing some of our Biggest Pups!


Harvest’s  1st Litter Produced some Huge, Healthy Pups!


We will get Black & Tans, Black & Reds


1st Pick Male 3,000 / Female 2,500

Males 2,500 / Females 2,000

Male 1. G. Anderson

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. J. Covello

Female 2. J. Neff

Male 3. S. Dustin

Female 3. Available

Male 4. D. Mcghee

Female 4. Available


Pony Girl & Kino

Estimated Breeding Feb/March


Pony Girl and Kino’s 1st Litter Produced some Phenomenal Pups! Big Bone, Straight Back Pups.

Pony Girl Pictured Above



Had A Mixture of Bi- Colors & Sables


Males 3,000 / Females 2,500

Male 1. C. Rio Salas

Female 1. J. Vigil

Male 2. B. Sauter

Female 2. H. Hollander

Male 3. T. Stocia

Female 3. A. Peralta

Male 4. S. Simpson

Female 4. V. Sanford



Male 1.

Female 1.

Male 2.

Female 2.

Male 3.

Female 3.

Male 4.

Female 4.


Male 1.

Female 1.

Male 2.

Female 2.

Male 3.

Female 3.

Male 4.

Female 4.




































Reservations Below


T. Miller- Female- 1st Pick Pony Girl

K. Pham- Male – 1st Pick Blue- Summer 2022

V. Dunger – Male – Blue 1st pick

D. Ryan – Male- Blue – 2021

C. Gaugler- Male – Blue

N. Lucht- Male- 1st Pick -Open to Color- Around A lot of People

R. Orom- 1st Pick Kino or Kane

J. Sutherland – Male- Solid Blue

J. Florucci- Male- 1st Pick Kane, Wants Big

J. Madigan- Male- XL – Kino or Kane – 1st Pick – Dark Color

N. Lucht- Male-

A. Millan- Male – 1st or 2nd Pick – Kino Dark Sable

M. Bowers- Male – Bi Color or Sable

S. McHenry- Male- Blue

J. Morehead- Male- Darker – Similar to Kino

B. Spelta- Male – Similar to Kane

A. Carter – Male- Silver Sable Blocky Head

B. VanWagner- Male – Large, Black & Red, Red Sable 1st Pick

J. Powell- Male – Large, Black and Red, open to other colors 1st Pick

P. Cavaliere- Male- XL , Tall , Kino as Sire

C. Baker- Female- 2022 Odessa & Atlas

R. Lopez- Female- From Pony Girl / Herding Job

Y. Kelyman- Male- Pony Girl – Dark and Big

J. Odell – Male- Dark Sable / Zoltan

C. Cassady – Male – Harvest, 1st or 2nd Pick

D. Wright – Male- 1st Pick Odessa and Atlas

C. Penzenstadler- Male- Out of Kino

M. Hollyfield- Male- Kane or Kino dark sable

C. Jeffrey- Male- Probably Pony Girl, Big Boxy Head, Dark Sable, Bi Color or Black.

R. Bradley- Male- Darker the better, Not opposed to Silver or Red.

A. DeRusha- Male- 1st or 2nd Pick- From Kane

M. Mesa- Female- 1st or 2nd pick Dark Black Sable or Bi-Color

A. Sjoting- Male- Out of PonyGirl

W. Dewitt- Male- Black or Silver Sable

J. Banner- Male- Large Silver Sable

B. Obert – Female- Silver Sable, Sable , Black & Red – Will Let me know when she is ready.

M. Wallen- Female- Summer/Fall 2022 – Pony Girl

J. Peacock- Male- xl out of Kane, Kino/ Harvest, Sister, Pony Girl, Jojo or Atlas/Odessa

A. Hanna- Female- Will Let me know when, Coloring of Odessa, Atlas, Baby

L. Collins – Male- XL -Blue, Black Silver, Black Red, Color not important as size. Spring 2022

S. Mustafa- Male- Looks like Kino

N. Compton- Female- Blue, Black, Bi Color

R. Cartaya- Male- Silver Sable Torque

K. Jones – Male- Large Sable

E. Wicker- Male- Kona & Kino

D. Havenar- Female – Blue

J. Fielden- Female- Sable , Silver or dark

D. Medwed- Male- Kane, 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick

C. Menchaca- Male – Kino or Kane, Similar to Kane – 1st or 2nd Pick

E. Huber – 2 Females – Bi Color, Dark sable, Silver Sable like Legend. 1st & 2nd or 2nd and 3rd pick

C. Denovellis – Female – Bi-Color

B. Breland- Male – Likes Ddr look, Dark Red Sable or Dark Silver sable

D. Clifton- Male- XL Black or mostly black out of Kino

L. Denney- Male – 1st Pick, Plush, Kane

B. Buck – Male – 1st or 2nd Pick, Large Kino or Kane

D. Liegho – Male – Black & Tan, red or mostly black

C. Pifer – Male – Large Silver Sable

P. Enns – Female – 1st Pick Summer 2022 – Kino, Kane or Skyy & Jimbo

S. Bigelow – Female – Silver Sable like Torque/ Legend or darker Sable out of Kino.

C. Meyer – Female – Black or Bi Color

J. Muannuathong – Male – Silver Sable like Legend, 1st pick

S. Macconchi – Female – Pony Girl

K. Green – Male – 1st Pick -Resembles Kane or Legend, preferably Kane