Upcoming Litters

  Upcoming Extra Large

German Shepherd Puppies

 2023 Fall & Winter Litters Coming Soon!


 Deposits are $300. Deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another litter.

Price of pups listed on each litter



Please Text at 580.704.5191 to inquire or if wanting to Place A Deposit 





Celebrity & Castle

Pups Due Oct.16th


Expecting All Sables… Silver and Cream/Silver Sables


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. J. Nixon

Female 1. S. Fuller

Male 2. B. DeChiara

Female 2. E. Reed

Male 3. F. Long

Female 3. F.Simmons

Male 4. T. Hritz

Female 4. Available


Pony Girl & Atlas

Pups Due Oct. 3rd


This Pairing Will Produce Very Big Pups.

Black & Silvers and Silver Bi Colors Expected.


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. A. Carter

Female 1. J. Vigil

Male 2. D. Clifton

Female 2. R. Lopez

Male 3. M. Kimbrough

Female 3. J. Lowell

Male 4. C. Garced

Female 4.Available


Lucia & Harley or Smoke

Estimated Breeding Sept./ Oct.



Expecting Large Black & Reds, Black & Tans and Dark Sables



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000

Male 1. B. Breland

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. A. Cornell

Female 2. D. Truitt

Male 3. B. Brown

Female 3. T. Chin

Male 4. Available

Female 4. Available



Kona & Harley

Due October 1st


For this Litter Were Mainly Expecting Black & Reds – Thick Bodies, Straight Back with Awesome Temperaments


Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. B. Breland

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. D. Ramos

Female 2. D.Nichols

Male 3. E. Gonzalez

Female 3. B.Murphy

Male 4. Bienenstock

Female 4. F.Johnson


Syn & Smoke

Sept. 20th – 6 Males & 3 Females. Males – 2 Sables, 1 Solid Black, 1 Possible Bi Color, 1 Blue Sable , 1 Blue & Tan. Females – 1 Solid Blue, 2 Blue & Tan



Smoke Pictured Above – Big Boy !


Expecting Bi Colors & Dark Sables

Males 2,500/ Female 2,000

 Blue Shade Males 2,800/ Females 2,300



Male 1. D. Mav

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. Q. Jiang

Female 2. M.Forcier

Male 3. J.Krewet

Female 3. Available

Male 4. S.Cullen

Female 4. Available


Haven & Smoke

Estimated Due Date Oct. 16th


Expecting Mainly Dark Sables and some Bi Colors



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. C. Sanders

Female 1. Ayers

Male 2. K. Green

Female 2. T. Chin

Male 3. D. Ellis

Female 3. K. Olson

Male 4. Maltba

Female 4. C. Blaha


Jojo & Smoke

Estimated Breeding  August



Smoke Pictured Above



Males 2,500/ Females 2,000


Male 1. S. Austin

Female 1. Available

Male 2. D. Simmons

Female 2. Available

Male 3. J. Nicoletta

Female 3. Available

Male 4. J. Lowell

Female 4. Available












Reservations Below


S. Stergios- Male- Was on PonyGirl, Wait until After Feb of 24

R. Keilyk- Male- was on Tabby, Dark sable like Kino

J. Sanchez- Male- was on PonyGirl, Wants Bi Color

K. Pham – Male – Blue

L. Smith – Male – Blue or Blue&Cream

S. McHenry- Male- Blue

K. Jones – Male- Large Sable

A. Morrison – Male or Female – Solid Black

D. Dodge – Male – 1st pick Celebrity

J. Klatt- Male – 1st or 2nd dark  Silver Sable mask like Legend

J. Odell- Male- Dark sable like Zoltan

C. Montgomery- Male- Silver Sable

J. Carlson- Male- Solid Black

M. Keepers – Male – Big dark sable like Kino 1st pick

N. Gordon – Female – 1st Pick Legacy & Harley

K. Speciale – Male –

N. Johnson – Male – Red Sable

S. Jordan- Male – 1st or 2ndPick Large Bi color or dark Sable

D. Jackson- Male- 1st or 2nd Pick XL open to Color no white

H.Castellon – Male- Dark sable

B. Spinnato – Male – Solid Blue

L. Andre – Male – Solid blue

B. Holland – Male- Silver Sable like Legend or dark sable like Kino

C. Gaugler- Male- Blue

R. Castro- Male – XL one forty Silver sable 1st pick

K. Lade- Male – Dark Sable Lucia

J. Pena – Male- Likes Kino, Dark sable, Sister possible mom

J. Patnoude- Female – Black & Red From BD

A. Sjoting – Male

C. Hardy – Male- Legacy & Harley not blue

L. Sharon- Male- Lucia

J. Lewis – Male & Female- Preferably Same Litter. Female – Solid Black or Bi color. Male- prefer dark sable but open, Wants Big. Would like to get Spring 24

S. Seagrove- Female- Black or Dark Sable

S. Gunnison- Male- Solid Blue, Demo dog for obedience, therapy/hospice work for kids. Short hair

D. Prince- Male- Huge silver sable

T. Standish- Male- Large Black & Red, prefer plush but not a must – Kona

M.Lemsky – Male – Dark/Black Sable

C. Snyder- Male- Dark sable – wants dark muzzle, Likes Legacy, Kino, Castle

E. Bontempi – Male- Solid White

J. Turner- Male- Open to any color, Large, After March 2024

L. Harrington – Male- Black & Tan like Tailor/Gabe, Fall 2024

N. Topping – Male- From Sister in 2024 – sable or bi

S. Rhoney- Male- Kane look Preferable or Traditional Blk Tan or Red Huge

D. Minador- Male – Blue or Bi Color

B. Waskow – Male- Sable or Blue is preferred, open to other colors no black & Tan. Would like pup in January, was on list before but deployed.

S. Libby- Male –

B. Carrickhoff – Female- identical to Harvest

E. Powell- Male- Late Spring or Winter 2024

O. Hernandez- Male- Dark Sable or Black

J. Freienmuth- Male – Large Sable after Feb 10th

D. Hank- Male- Large Dark Sable

C. Huggins- Female- 1st Pick, Scent Work – likes Sister

T. Pierron – Male- Large Blocky Solid Blue or Dark blue Bi, Sable

D. Rusch- Male- Likes Harley & Smoke, does not want traditional Black & Tan

S. Sinha – Male- Large Masculine, Will work protection, open to Color, no white/Black, Likes Dark sable, Black & Tan

W. Tauanuu- Male- Large, open to color

C. Wells – Male- Large Dark Sable like Zoltan

M. Sullivan- Male – Solid Black or Bi Color