Ayers Legends German Shepherds

Breeders of Large Old – Fashioned German Shepherds
With Straight Backs, Large Heads, and Thick Bones
Black and Silver, Black and Cream, White, Silver Sable, Bi-Color
Black and Tan, Black, and Sable

Halo 2014   Jax- Sire
Dave Large German Shepherd Black and Red Silver Sable German Shepherd

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Ayers Legends is located in Southern Oklahoma. Specializing in large over sized AKC registered German Shepherds.

Ayers Legends carries on the heritage and lines of old fashioned German shepherds – which are much larger than today’s standards. They have thicker bone structure, bigger heads, they are taller, deeper chest, and straight backs. Also, very regal and stunning in appearance. The perfect family companion.

In comparison to today’s standards Rin Tin Tin was a large old-fashioned German shepherd with a straight back. At Ayers Legends we take pride in keeping the older lines alive. The way they use to be and the way you remember them as a kid when growing up!

To ensure the quality and health of our lines all of our males and females are OFA Certified or have OFA Prelims before breeding.  OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. This shows that the parents do not carry a trait for Hip Dysplasia. They are also DNA tested to ensure they are free of DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).

We welcome all and any questions Please feel free to email or call.


Ayers Legends

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