When we were looking for a GSD, we knew what we wanted. Brains, beauty and health. A dog that would be with us for years. We found Robert and his breeding program gave us all if that. What has amazed me is the desire to stay connected with us, to continue to educate us and to give us a place to share our dogs with each other. Our dog Ruger is a Halo/Big Dave male and he is more than what we asked for. He is so smart and passed both his CGC and CGCA by 10 months. He has done scent work and will be testing for therapy work in a few months. We are constantly asked where we got him due to his size and personality. A local animal behaviorist said, she would clone him if she could. She’s never seen such a a balanced GSD. I just told her to go see Robert and Casey and the Ayers Legend family.

Kathleen Jeffs Horacek


You know Robert and Casey, we can’t say enough good things about you guys and all you do for us and the well being of our fur babies. We currently have two awesome dogs and would have more if space allowed it. We are totally blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. Thank you Ayers Legends

Karen Miles


Taryn Lancia Steven and I had been researching GSD breeders for a long while when we came across Ayers Legends. We followed Robert and Casey and their amazing Shepherds for two years. Knowing that large GSD breeding come with a huge responsibility. Not just great temperament but healthy physical build. Ayers Legends exceed our expectations in all things GSD. We knew this is where we were going to get our furbabies. Our Wolfgang Ravioli is now 9 months and he’s our everything. Smart. Goofy. Loving. And HUGE! Robert is always available to answer questions and provide guidance for Wolfie’s growth and well being. When you have an Ayers pup you genuinely are a part of a large family. We are already planning for our next two Ayers pups.

Steven and Taryn Lancia


What can I say about Ayers legends German shepherds?? Everything that you’re looking for in a breeder AND a dog can’t get any better than Ayers legends. Robert and Casey’s dedication, knowledge, care and love for the breed extended far beyond my expectations. If there are ever any questions on my end, they are answered in less than 24 hours with confidence and the dogs health as the number 1 priority. Our dog has the best temperament and his health, growth and happiness are far better than I could have ever imagined in a German Shepherd. I highly recommend Ayers legends and I am so thankful for all the hard work loyalty and dedication the Ayers family puts into each and every one of their dogs and pups.

Shauna Esposito Manus


Ayers Legends German Shepherd. Our first puppy will be ready to pick up very soon. After talking with several breeders in different parts of the country I called Robert Ayers. He spent over an hour on the phone with me answering all my questions about his breeding program, health of his dogs, temperament, just about anything you might want to know. We wanted two puppies from different litters about 3-6 months apart. So he worked with me to make that happen. To my surprise after making all the arrangements I’ve been able to speak to Robert & Casey Ayers’ best advertisement, people who have their dogs and puppies and see pictures of new puppies and older off spring. Any concerns he promptly answers and he spends time educating buyers about the breed, feeding, and care. All our future puppies will be Ayers Legends.

Theresa Bryant Halliburton


Ayers Legends German Shepherds are the best breeder ever. I’ve had Shepherds all my life, growing up , and I can tell you this is the first one I’ve ever had that has been so attentive and loyal. At 5 and half months old my boy never leaves my side. You can’t go wrong with an Ayers Legend Shepherd. Robert Ayers is always a phone call away.

Debra Spannuth Gouker


I really cannot say enough good things about Ayers Legends German Shepherds. Robert & Casey are incredible at what they do! I love this family! They truly produce top quality puppies with good stable temperaments, great working ability and great family dogs. We have had our dog (Dakota) a Sam/Tailor female 2.5 years now and she is one of the best dogs we have ever owned. She is everything we asked for…sweet tempered, protective, confident, smart, fearless and fantastic with kids! We could not be happier! If you are looking for top of the line German Shepherds and great breeders with a wealth of knowledge and love for the breed then look no further than Ayers Legends, you will not be disappointed!

Stephanie Reis Sanchez


Ayers Legends German Shepherds is so much more than just a business. As breeders, Robert Ayers and his wife Casey are dedicated, extremely educated and informed on all aspects of the German Shepherd Breed. They are willing to go over and above to make sure their customers are happy and the pups are thriving and healthy. They never stop caring, even when their dogs are settled into the new families. They’ve encouraged many friendships between dog parents by initiating a Facebook page of Ayers Legends dogs and for the new families to connect with each other. It’s especially fun to see litter mates grow and mature. Because of our mutual love for our dogs, we’ve found support in each other in good times and sad times and will cheer each other on with every new pup. Robert educates all of us with great up to date information for the health and well being of the dogs. All of us share tips and ideas. We love posting pictures of our GS’s whether old or young and the camaraderie between us is genuine.  We call ourselves The Ayers Legends Family and through these wonderful dogs we are family! If you want more than “just buying a German Shepherd” become an Ayers Legends family member and get the best of the best!

Laurie Gustafson