AKC German Shepherd Puppies


Kino & Kona

Puppies Born Dec. 28th


Puppy Picks will be done on Feb. 5th


Pictures will be posted no later than 2 p.m


If you are picking up your puppy, Pickup days will be Feb. 19th -22nd


Any Puppies Shipping – I will get the info I need from you after Puppy Picks.

Males 2,500 / Females 2,000

Male 1. P. Redmond (plush)

Female 1. K. Seilhamer

Male 2. W. Cooper

Male 3. J. Yenor

Male 4. C. Menchaca

Male 5. R. Deters

Male 6. K. Subbarao


Nuvet Vitamin order information:


800-474-7044 ID Code: 49756

 Make Sure to Order the Nu-Vet Plus and Nu-Joint D.S per the Health Guarantee.


Pics Updated Feb. 3rd