AKC German Shepherd Puppies


Legend & Zena


Pups Born 10/10/18


Well will post final puppy pictures on 11/24/18  to do puppy picks. Pictures will be posted no later than 2 p.m.

Puppies will Ship on 12/08/18 … Please make sure you have that full day available or someone who can pickup for you.


If Picking up .. Pickup dates are 12/05 thru 12/08/18


 Male 2,200 / Females 1,500

Male 1. K. Chamberlin (Pickup)

Female. 1. T. Bowman (Pickup)

Male 2. M. Ramsey (Pickup) PIF

Female 2. L. Mcafee (Ship) PIF


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Pics update 11/23/18

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