Litter 1

 AKC German Shepherd Puppies

Tabby & Harley

Born July 17th


Puppy Picks/ Final Pictures will be posted  August 26th, No later than 2 pm central


Pups Shipping I will touch base with after puppy picks.

Picking Up Is Preferable!


If you are picking up your pup you can pick up Sept. 9th – 11th



MALES 2,500/ FEMALES 2,000


Male 1. Available

Female 1.J.Beyer

Male 2. A. Maynard

Male 3. A. Anderson

Male 4. M. Banks

Male 5. Z. Kimmerling

Male 6. R. Riggins

Male 7. E. Herrera

Male 8. M. Watson


Nuvet Vitamin order information:

800-474-7044 ID Code: 49756


Do Not Forget To Order Your Nuvet and NuJoint Supplements Per the Health Agreement! We Give Them To All Of Our Dogs!


Pics Updated on Aug. 26th

Litter 1

Male- T. Standish

Litter 1

Male 1. Maynard

Litter 1

Male 2. - Watson

Litter 1

Male 5. Anderson

Litter 1

Male 6. Herrera

Litter 1

Male 8. Riggins

Litter 1

Male 4. Banks

Litter 1

Male 7. Available

Litter 1

Female. Available