AKC German Shepherd Puppies

Legend & Big Momma

Pups born 02/13/20


Puppy picks will be 03/28/20 Pictures will be postd No later than 2 pm


All pups shipping will ship out on 04/09/20

Picking Up Is Preferable

Please make sure you have that full day available or someone who can pick up for you.

A lot of People take vacations this time of year and we do not board pups.



If you are picking up your pup you can pick up 04/10 – 04/12


Males 2,500 / Females 1,500

Male 1. J. Carlson

Female 1. K. Lafrance

Male 2. N. Hunter- Reay

Female 2. M. Schutter

Male 3. K. Seilhamer

Female 3. M. Kalambakal


Nuvet Vitamin order information:


800-474-7044 ID Code: 49756


 Don’t Forget to Order you Nu-Vet Wafers and Nu-Joint D.S per the Health Guarantee.


Pics updated 03/28/2020