Pony Girl


Pony Girl Is A Young Girl That Is New To Our Breeding Program, Very Excited For Her Upcoming Litters!

She Is Another BIG Girl That We Will See Some XL Pups Come Out Of.

I Expect Her To Mature Around 110 lbs +.

This Year 2021, Our Program Has Overall Just BIG Females! Including Pony Girl!



Pony Girl Still Acts  Like A Big Pup… Just As Loving And Goofy As The Day Is Long.

She Loves To Play and Always In A Gentle Manner.



Good Height But Need To Update With Exact Measurement.

I Expect Her To Mature Around 110 lbs +.

With Our Males, I’m Expecting Some Heavy Bone Pups With That Regal Look and Big Blocky Heads.


If You Like Bi-Colors, Then Pony Girl is Your Girl!


O.F.A prelims Good