Dixie is a beautiful Black & Silver girl with Thick bones, Straight back and a nice thick head. Your true classic G.S.D .   Her pedigree has some of the best white lines such as Tumbledown, Regal Wise and her pedigree also goes back to 2 American Super Stars… Rin Tin Tin II and Rin Tin Tin IV.
Dixie also carries the genes for all whites and all blacks.
She is laid back  but also  protective – the perfect family companion.
A beautiful black and silver girl with a great temper!

Dixie 2015
 Dixie 11m 1_600

Dixie @ 11 months

dixie backyard600

Dixie @ 11 months old – Very thick bones

             All around thick girl !!!

Large German Shepard in Oklahoma will ship to other states such as Texas